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About us

About Saltwick company

Saltwick is providing worldwide ship broker and chartering services of all kinds dry bulk and general cargoes such as minerals, logs, timber, steels, fertilizers, metals, coal, and grains.

The team of chartering, post-fixture, operators in full collaboration with each other, provide reliable, efficient services to our valuable clients, managing all aspects of shipping and risks management. Our team has an excellent knowledge and experience in providing chartering services.

The Chartering department has been providing brokerage services for many years. As a result, it earned its reputation as a reliable and efficient broker on the shipping market. SM chartering team works with significant traders and manufacturers of coal, fertilizers (MOP), woods(TIMBER, VENEER, ROUND LOGS) and metals (ALUMINIUM, HRC, CRC, BILLETS). From 2011, SM has been operating a Hong Kong branch with chartering team, for the purpose of more effective development of the company on the Asian market.

Our mission is to give you good service

SM shipbrokers have a wide knowledge of the shipping market's trends and status. Our team can provide clients with indications for carriage and guidelines to avoid any difficulties toward prospective shipment. In daily practice SM brokers have developed exclusive relations and experience with Owners and Charterers on the shipping market. The team is always ready to provide good quality service for new and existing clients 24 hours SHINC.

The main approach of chartering team is to satisfy the Charterers’ requirements with regard to:

  • The tender basis with regard to dates and ocean freight level
  • Filtering of reliable candidates and checking the Owners with regard to firm approach
  • Fixing and Post-fixing process:

    – checking of the subject vessels at Tokyo Mou;

    – checking of the vessel’s itinerary including intermediate voyages and estimation of the risk level on delay before the subject vessel would have been clean fixed;

    – checking for negative records of the Owners and the chain of ownership;

    – post-fixing managing during the voyage up to its completion.

  • Assistance in development of the mutually profitable relationship between Charterers and Owners.
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